El Víbora returns again in this era of the coronavirus with its online toll-free numbers


The Viper

Last week the news came that The Viper had surprisingly returned in these days of confinement. We are talking about the return of the oldest magazine of all the magazines of the so-called adult comic boom in Spain.

We are talking about a publication that was surpassed at certain times by Thursday And that we are talking about a magazine at a time when the Internet did not exist, so access to this type of content and that other underground was very complicated if it were not for them.

On April 6 from the blog of The dome announced the arrival of El Víbora and the first totally free publication to be read online. In fact, yesterday Wednesday the second issue was put online again to enjoy its hooligan stories and in which we find underground artists who could not appear in another editorial space.

The Viper

We are talking about a magazine that had its 300 numbers and that existed from 1979 to 2004. A few years in the readers could enjoy its quirky, hedonistic, libertine and critical content. In other words, with great freedom he could touch all the themes that could pass for the devil through the puritanical minds of the time.

The Viper

Really, the Víbora has returned in a digital number that through weekly deliveries we will entertain in these days of confinement by the coronavirus. You can read the first issue from this link, and the second of yesterday from this other.

A very special publication and that we recommend from here for the very special content and for adults. Irreverent visual, dialogue and story quality like none. Do not miss the publication of Roca in which he gives away one of his best comics for these days of boredom in many moments. Do not waste the moment.


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