Has it been Banksy who has put a mask on one of your murals?


Banksy face mask

One of the Banksy’s most recognizable murals has suddenly appeared with a face mask covering the face of the “Girl with a Pierced Eardrum.” Thus, without further ado, it has appeared to the surprise of passers-by who passed through the street to take some photos of the moment.

Has been from the Twitter account of one of the pedestrians where we can find the photographs taken and that perfectly recognize this mask. A mural located on the Albion Walls in Hanover Place. A coronavirus that is capable of modifying some of the murals of this artist and that we do not know if it has really been the same; especially after seeing how her bathroom was days ago.

What is not clear, and is within the mystery, is that it is not known if it was Banksy himself. If we know that from his Instagram last week he showed us how he was working from home, so his authority can be doubted. Unless it is another of his surprises or magic tricks with which he has become accustomed during these years; Let’s remember what happened at the auction.

The “Girl with a perforated eardrum“And which appeared in 2014, it is a parody of the” Young Woman with a Pearl Earring “by Johannes Vermeer. The worrying thing about this act of putting on a mask, as some say, is that if Banksy himself has not done it, it detracts from his own work, so we will have to wait what has happened. We will see if Banksy has something to say or will remain silent as has always happened before these events.

Banksy face mask

Nor would it be the first time that Banksy’s work It has been “vandalized” by others, so we are faced with all those possibilities. A mask that covers one of Banksy’s works in these days of coronavirus; tell Wally …


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